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  Whether it’s about the appearance, convenience or comfort, car accessories play a significant role. Car accessories are addons to your car that are used to enhance its look, comfort, style etc. From safety and hygiene perspective also, we can say, it should be a must have. Car Accessories Can Be Categorized Into Two Types Essential car accessories Non-essential car accessories Some accessories could be essential for one owner and some for other. So, it depends on the owner’s preference, what accessories he/she considers as essential and what not. But there are some accessories that are considered to be essential and which every car must have. Here’s a list of Essential  Car Accessories  for your New Car in 2022 CAR SEAT COVERS  –  The first car accessory that is visible when anyone enters inside your car is a car seat cover. They are a protection to your original seat which protects it from dust, dirt, food spoils, tear. So, it is a must have. Seat covers depend on the model of your


  Maintaining the interior of your car is as important as the exterior part. Hence, keeping the floor of your car interior clean is as important as keeping the exterior clean.  But to keep the floor of your car clean is a challenging task. Thus, choosing the right mat for your car becomes an important decision. Car mats play a significant role in maintaining your car’s interior. Absence of a floor mat may result into unhygienic conditions. Car mats not only help in keeping the floor clean but they also add luxury and enhance the look of your car. TYPES OF FLOOR MATS Depending on the person’s preference and budget, a variety of floor mats are available: Fabric floor mats Rubber mats All Weather vinyl mats Nomad mats 3D Floor mats 7D MATS Apart from the above mentioned types, there’s a new variety available in the market, 7D Mats, which has now replaced all the previous types of mats. 7D Mats  are now taking over, because of their style and uniqueness. And one of the most important featu

Best Car Seat Covers shop in Chennai

  One of the most significant accessories that enhance the look and comfort of your car is a car seat cover. And choosing the best car seat cover according to your preference and budget is a great task. So, making that easy for customers, we at CARXONE , which is the best car seat cover shop in Chennai, take it as our responsibility to help the buyer find the best, quality product within their budget, according to their needs. Since, we deal in premium Quality and affordable prices, we are the best car accessories shop in Chennai. WHY YOUR CAR’S SEAT SHOULD BE COVERED? Protection to your first seat– If your car’s seat is covered, so it protects your original seat from dust, UV beams, stains, and undesirable wear and tear which ultimately results in the longevity of your original seat. Adds comfort– If you are doing a long journey by your car, then comfort matters a lot. A good quality seat cover adds comfort to your sitting through which you can enjoy long trips. Enhances the loo