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Leather Car Seat Covers - Carxone

  CAR SEAT COVERS Everything needs a cover to be protected and so as the car seat. A car seat cover is an accessory that protects the original seat of the car. A seat is spoiled due to dust, dirt, food spills, stains, etc. So, a car seat cover acts as the protection to all this. It also protects the original seat from UV beams, and undesirable wear and tear. Protection of the original seat ultimately leads to its longevity. Therefore, it becomes important to put on a car seat cover . It not only helps in protection but also increases its comfort and enhances its look. TYPES OF CAR SEAT COVERS 1.     Universal car seat covers 2.     Custom 3.     Loose covers 4.     Natural   ·        Leather 5.     Synthetic ·        Leatherette ·        Polyurethane ·        Vinyl 6.     Polyester ·        Canvas ·        Poly cotton ·        Neoprene 7.     Baby car seat covers   LEATHER CAR SEAT COVERS Leather car seat covers are custom made because the mater